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Screenshot of Google Search Console graph showing the Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average Click-Through-Rate and Average Position of a Sample Website over the course of 4 months
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You want to know whats better than passing out your business cards printed with your URL? Being able to tailor your content so that you're easier to find online.

Hardly anyone goes beyond the first page of online searches, so it's important to make sure that your website is as close to the top of that list as possible.

With millions of sites being indexed by Google and Bing, prioritizing SEO makes your business more visible to consumers online. However, optimizing your SEO is not a simple task -- it requires time, research, and knowledge of website design.

At Technogizmo, we have the experience to lead you in the right direction.

How Search Engines work

When you launch your site, search engines will send out "crawlers" to your website that read the text and pick up on different repeated keywords and phrases. It is the delicate density of keywords in your content, a mobile-friendly website, and well-organized tags and metatags that earn you a higher ranking.

Click here to read Google's SEO starter guide.

How to Optimize your site

Consider this: What words or phrases would people search on Google or Bing to find your business, or a similar business? These are your Keywords. Create a list of these search terms and work them into the text of your website -- in titles, body text, etc. Keep in mind that Search Engines have very complicated algorithms and won't appreciate it if you just copy and paste your keywords over and over. Don't shoehorn them in - try to use them naturally.

We can help you optimize your SEO and online marketing to increase visibilty for your business online.

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