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Facebook Trouble: Business user can't log into the business page

In early 2020, Facebook began forcing business user IDs to upgrade to their new business platform. This worked for many, but for a few users, the upgrade gets hung, and effectively locks them out of their own Facebook business page.  Their business page is stuck, AND they can't get to the new business platform dashboard. 

Having one user locked out of a Facebook business page is not a huge problem if you have other admins for the page.  However, if your broken user is the only admin on the page, that's a BIG problem.  Without access to the new Facebook business dashboard, you can't contact Facebook for help.

But not all hope is lost! If you are having trouble accessing your Facebook business page with the business user you set it up with, then here is something you can try.

Keep in mind, Facebook is changing things all the time.  This worked for us in November 2020.  There's no guarantee it will work after that.

  • Try logging in at Facebook with your business ID.  If your ID is having trouble with the forced upgrade, you will either
    • get routed to a promo page for the new business platform, or
    • you will get a blank screen with this code in the URL of the browser page:
  • It doesn't matter which one happens - if either of these happens, it shows that you at least got past the login.  That's good! Facebook recognizes your business ID. 
  • So now, in the browser URL, erase what is there and type in this instead:
  • You will get a 'page not found" error, because Facebook doesn't use this URL anymore.  But... look in top right.  You should see your user icon.  You are in! 
  • NOTE:  Your user is still broken.  Don't expect to be able to do everything you used to do, and don't think you can log in this way all the time.  IF you get this far, your #1 priority now is to add a new admin user to your business page ASAP.

  • Click on your user icon to get to your profile page.  From there, you can go to your Pages, and to your business page.
  • DON'T GET DISTRACTED by checking messages, or posts, or anything else you see there.  Half of that won't work, and will just frustrate you.  Go straight to adding a new admin!
    • Go to Page Settings, then to Page roles. 
    • Type the full name of the person who you want to set up as an admin (just as they have it on their Facebook page), and find them in the list that comes up.
    • Choose the person, and then in the Role dropdown, choose Admin.
      Click Add, and you may need to enter your password to confirm.

NEXT... have that new admin try to access the business page.

If the above does not work for you, try searching the Facebook forums for your particular problem.  We found this Facebook thread very useful.